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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
11:29 am
I do believe I forfeit females for the remainder of the next few months. All of you people in happy relationships, I say fuck you.

current mood: Bitter

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Monday, July 25th, 2005
1:58 pm

Cameron Austin Montgomory-Hawkins's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chips Albert

Your fashion designer name is Cameron Paris

Your socialite name is Cammy Amsterdam

Your fly girl / guy name is C Mon

Your detective name is Dog OVH

Your barfly name is Nachos Shirley Temple

Your soap opera name is Austin Providence

Your rock star name is Twizzlers Hummingbirds

Your star wars name is Camkri Monaut

Your punk rock band name is The Horny Bifocals

current mood: amused

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
9:07 pm
Well, it would have been 7 months in about a week.

All good things must come to an end I suppose.

current mood: crushed

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
9:46 pm
It'll be six months on the 17th.

She's going to Wisconsin. We haven't talked so much but the conversations we have had.. Not too pleasent. I love her.. I love her so much. I hate that I haven't been "normal Cameron" lately.

I just don't know.

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Friday, April 22nd, 2005
10:03 am
So the camping was fun. Scratch that.. using Jade's grandma's summer home was fun. Went with Jade (obviously), Kris, Aut, Stevie, Molly, Ace and Whit.
Nothing like Jersey. Nothing at all.

I guess Autumn's still deciding between staying here or going to Wisconsin. ((shakes head))
I'm just not going to think about that. I'm going to get ready for work.

current mood: cranky

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
12:25 am - P.S.
Four months baby, I love you so much.

current mood: loved

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12:17 am - Fuhk.
It's really disconcerting to have such close friends of mine going through these relationship issues. Especially those who don't deserve it at all. I wish I had better words of comfort, or advice. Truth be told I don't know what to do when my little fountain of advice is the one on the other end of the phone. When she's the one who needs help. When she's the one who's hurt.

If I could I would fix it all up with rainbows and kittens and other things that are random, but endorphin causing. So many good people get fucked over so badly with relationships. My hope in this world dwindles.

I wonder if I take those close to me for granted. My sister included. They're always there and always around. I always have someone to goof off with, or bitch at, or talk to when I need advice. But what do I really do for them in the scheme of things? Not much considering how much I demand of them on my own.
It makes my brain hurt.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
10:50 pm - Overdue.
Aut and I's three month was the 17th. I love you baby.

Everyone is finally happy being single or being taken and the drama is calming down and floating away. Unless you're Diane. Then you're being an obnoxious ho-bag, as per usual.

LESLIE HAS A NEW BOYFRIEND. I figured I would be annoying and mention you in all capitols. Then you can comment and say something like "Cameron you're a loser". With a <3. Because that's what you always do, you boring, boring person.

Jade and Stevie came over earlier to work on a history project. Correction, Stevie came over to work on it, Jade tagged along. I think tomorrow I'm going to a show with Mike and Rebecca but I can't remember. Either way Friday is being spent with my darling little girlfriend. Until Saturday morning.

Evening, folks.

current mood: hungry

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
9:52 am
I suck.
I thought I had work at 8 this morning. Nope. In fact I don't have to work today period.
I'm going to go over to Aut's and wake her up. I think I'll grab her some breakfast too.

current mood: good

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Saturday, February 19th, 2005
12:17 pm - Uh whoops?
By the way guys; my birthday was the eleventh and I'm 18 now.
My party rocked ass. I love everyone.

Especially you baby. Thank you so much for the new strings and chipping in for the new amp.
And the other thing. ((EXAGGERATED WINK)) I love you so much Aut, thank you for being part of my insignificant little 18 years.

Kristin and I are rocking the eighteen. I love you sis, I'm going to miss you so fucking much next year. Don't trip down the stairs. Jesus is not going to catch you, bizzle.
I get dibs on the car this weekend. I CALLED IT SHORTAH.

JADE! STEVEY! Man good times trying to disco in the basement. Hours upon hours of pointless video games; I could beat you if I really wanted to. I won't because you lick pinapples. What the shit Steve, haha. Only Jade can sing Wonderwall like a constipated squirrel.

COLLEEN & KILLIAN! Twin power squared. You guys rock. Kris and I love ya.

Lots of LOVE to Emma, Trevor, Ace, Whit, Rebecca, Jason, Scott, Sethy, Maddy, Andrew, Rudy, Beth, Jill and Molly for coming to celebrate Kris sucking and me rocking.
I love you guys.
OVBeeches for life.

current mood: content

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12:16 pm
dramaminexboyx: Morning dumpling
heartsxoutside: are you implying that i'm a lump of fat filled dough-y substance?
dramaminexboyx: More or less; how are you?
heartsxoutside: good with ice cream and apples, apparently

current mood: amused

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Monday, January 31st, 2005
7:19 pm
Movie night rocked.

"I am the cheese". - Jason
"Do you say that because you smell like cheese or was it meant for poetic irony"? - Rebecca
"I fucking hate you". - Jason

I'm guessing this means we're over. It was nice while it lasted.

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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
11:05 am
Well here's how it is. Seeing as I was called into work yesterday because Mike was sick, I don't have to work today. Either that or I never had to work today and I can't read the schedule.
The point being, movie party is going to start at 4 or 5. Baisically, come anytime you want to after 3:30ish. My parents don't want the house crawling with people until after they've been back from church/errands for a little while. They should be back around 2 or so.

Autumn feel free to come whenever you want though... Assuming you're even going to come..

current mood: contemplative

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
12:27 am
Tomorrow I am going over to Jade's around noon. Then we're going out to eat around 3 with Kris and Steve.

We had plans to hang out around six Autumn. I need you to call me and let me know if you still want to. Because if I don't hear from you I'm going to assume it's off, and I am going to make other plans.

I'm working pretty much all day Sunday, but I should be home around 8, so if people want to come over for awhile and have a movie fest comment and let me know.

current mood: irate

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Friday, January 28th, 2005
10:47 pm
Why are females such a pain in the ass?

current mood: angry

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
8:47 pm
Remember when we didn't fight?
That was nice.

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, January 16th, 2005
10:50 am
New layout.

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10:46 am
It's a month tomorrow!

I love you baby.

current mood: content

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
3:12 pm
I update this too much now.

There's too much fucking drama in my life. It's ridiculous, petty drama. It's not even about anything good. Autumn doesn't go to OVH, she goes to SRH, so naturally when I put her beautiful picture in my wallet I don't expect people to know who she is. So, I was showing Emma her picture during lunch ("Aw Cam she's adorable" Damn right she is) and Grace is walking by with Kylie, KYLIE of all people.
Obviously Ms. Bitch has to stop and make a comment about how ugly she is. Excuse me, does her fat hang over her waistline when she wears tight pants? No.
Grace told me that if she ever sees Autumn on campus she has "a few choice words for her".
Are we in a soap opera guys? Are we? Did I miss the memo? Where's my script. Come on now. Let's grow up and move on. Just because one guy didn't want to date you in high school your life's mission is not to harass the girl he is dating. This is just absolutely idiotic.

But on a better note I'm buying Autumn SOMETHING tomorrow. Could it be candy? Or is it that shirt she wanted in Pac Sun. That I can get at a discount because Jade works there. I don't know! What could it be?

I love you.

current mood: cranky

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
3:51 pm
I think I should get my nipples pierced. Just so I can flash my mom and give her a heart attack.

Autumn thinks it would be sexy with my lip piercing. =D

Homework time, then the girl is coming over around 7.

current mood: cheerful

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